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Dear _______,

What’s done is done.

Time to move on.

Will I ever smile and mean it?

What’s the price of one happy ending?

Fuck this.

I’m going to Hogwarts.

Mmm. . .will write a random post, just because I feel like it.

Heat wave is OVER. Hallelujah!! Oh wait, no, Amitabha Buddha!!! Yes, it’s all very confusing. Get with the program.

Spent about an hour last night just chilling on the balcony, sipping soy milk and welcoming home what Vancouver summers are actually all about. Crazy sunshine during the day that doesn’t actually do much harm, and softcore breezy nights that are never pitch black, more of a light indigo hue with sprinklings of stars here and there, and if you’re lucky, a full werewolf moon like yesterday. Got a bit high off the fumes of those guys who always stand in a circle right in front of the house and smoke crack, but it’s always delightful to listen to Stoner Talk. Yes, I’m officially in the loony bin.

Nothing going on this summer. And not much going right. On that cheerful note, discovered my AZN side lately. Attempting to read those ancient philosophical books that are like ten thousand scrolls long and written in archaic Chinese, and comprehending perhaps 10%. New Years Resolution: Make that 15%, heh.

See, life is sad, no, pathetic when you’re too afraid to even hope, even plan for the future, because nothing ever goes the way you want it to, no matter how friggin’ hard you try. Yeesh.

One more thing: no one, especially guys, will ever take whatever you say seriously if you’re not out of your teens yet and look about three years younger than you actually are. Holla to all my LG’s out there.

Rant over.

Oh yeah, and I’m now sixsquareddividedbytwominusone years old 😉


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