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I won’t lie, this will possibly go down as the worst year of my life, but at least it ended on a good note.

January: Work + school…B for the first time on a provincial, ugh.

February: New semester! Chemistry 11 = most hardcore course to this day…with the possible exception of History 12

March: Work + school. It does get pretty repetitive. Something rather mindblowing revealed at the end of the month.

April: Heartbreak.

May: Things not going well with parents…struggling to maintain what little sanity remained

June: Emergency room.

July: Summer school. Worst Night of My Life. Turned 17. Most under-the-radar celebration ever.

August: Tested out life as a hermit. Not for me.

September: New school. What an improvement =]

October: Literally sleeping w/textbooks…life slowly returning to normal

November: Parties =D Overall a kickass month

December: Can officially say that everything is back to normal, relatively.

This is the year where I watched my life fall apart faster than the speed of light.

This is the year that I saw Kingdom Come flash before my eyes. Luckily, this wasn’t it.

This is the year that I gave up all hope, then found it again.

This is the year where I rediscovered the ability to cry.

This is the year that I first shed tears over a guy. And hated myself for it.

This is the year that I was finally able to move on from all the turbulence of the past.

This is the year that I left behind the child, and adapted to the adult mindset.

This is the year that against all odds, I stood up and I kept going. And no matter what happened, no matter what will happen, I’m proud of myself =]

This was one heck of a year. But I think I’m ready for you, 2010.


1. Study harder

2. Find steady job before April

3. Get L

4. Practice guitar every week

5. Move out

6. Travel to at least 3 places

7. UBC + SFU

8. Exercise regularly

9. Find love

10. Party haaaaaard ;]

.I’d like to

.Be the one who

.Is the reason


.Her tears

.Soak through the pillow

.At night

.Till the sunrise






And I will.


Reminiscence brought back those distant times
With wisps of clouds drifting across the azure sky
You told me, then
That we’ll stay hand-in-hand
Walking towards the very end of time

Even since, I lost the will to raise my eyes
Seems as though the colour faded from my skies
Ever since that day
I’ve forgotten to breathe
These tears shall never, ever weep again

Our love, gone and never again
Still I wait in silence to this day
Our love, I do understand
Has become your burden
It’s just that
I’ll never let go of
Those final moments
Your everlasting gift to me

那時的你說 要和我手牽手

從那一天起 我忘記了呼吸
眼淚啊永遠不再 不再哭泣

我們的愛 過了就不再回來
直到現在 我還默默的等待
我們的愛 我明白 已變成你的負擔
只是永遠 我都放不開 最後的溫暖

Done after a month of nonstop downpours. Supposed to be Ryo Nishikido, but I took some liberties.

If I had a brother, he’d probably look something like this.

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