Take pride in what you’ve accomplished throughout the years, because you know that many others put in your place would have fallen without the strength to stand up once more. And yet you’re still going, stronger that before. You don’t need her help. All those years the best she could do was to leave you alone. If she doesn’t want to be part of this family, it’s not your problem and it certainly is not your fault. Don’t let someone who can’t even bother to care for her own daughter bring you down, because you deserve better than that. You love her because she brought you into this world, but you have no further obligations, because she neglected her responsibilities and failed as a mother. You wish her the best, because after high school, chances are you won’t be seeing her anymore. And now……you stand up, dust yourself off, and step into the last five months of high school with your head held high, because you’ve moved beyond the Past. This is Now. This will be the Future soon enough. So you take one last look back at the at the carnage, and walk away knowing that she will never hurt you again.