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I feel like spilling my guts today. No frills and no gimmicks. Just the story stripped bare.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both…”

I remember stepping into high school for the first time with my head in the clouds, hoping that the memories would last a lifetime.

I remember clutching those hated papers with trembling hands that fateful day during spring break, knowing, somehow, that my life has been shattered to the core.

I remember shivering on the couch with my parents and two policemen in the middle of a fine summer night.

I remember leaning against my bedroom door and listening to the screams echo off the walls, crying out without a sound.

I remember begging my dad to please, please take me out of all this.

I remember turning to chemical pleasures, thinking that I could end it all, and retching my guts down the toilet hours later.

I remember pacing the dike at pink-speckled dusks, at snow-entombed midnights, at indigo summer sunrises, praying that it’ll get better someday.

I remember time after time of smiling until it ripped me apart because I didn’t want to show how much pain I was in.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night with tears streaming down my face, pursued by unrelenting demons, knowing that I’ve lost all that I’d ever treasured.

I remember my friends, of endless reassurances over the phone, of a thousands tears and a million hugs, of laughter and of pure joy.

I remember those who were willing to listen; an ear was all I needed.

I remember lunchtimes, walking home, concerts,  movies, mindless hangouts, secrets, heartbreaks, anguish over marks, grumbles over family, ecstasy because that particular guy smiled at you, laughing for hours on end, crying into each others’ shoulders, belting out songs completely off-key, inside jokes, dirty jokes, being there for each other every step of the way ……

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I will remember these five years as a journey laden with thorns.

I will stay strong. I will reach my rose-adorned destination someday.


I saw him drown today

Whirling through an unfinished course

Destined to crash

I watched him suffocate

All, futilely flailing limbs

Whisking through faceless spectres

Clouds, crumble into dust

Disintegrate with a sigh

I saw him submerge

With none by his side

I saw the molten crystals in his eyes

Stolen as gems by the envious skies

I saw his last breath

Suspended, sculpted agony in the putrid air

The vast wasteland of his pupils

Will howl, reverberate through my nightmares

In the small hours of the night

As they draw me lovingly into their depths

I see her drown tonight

These are some of the best love poems written by friends. All you need is love ❤

A Message to You – Annie X.

Oh baby, dear one,
The hardest thing I do,
Is like you hard, then let you go
And walk away from you

But even when I’m far away,
This love I have will stay
And wrap itself around you
Every minute of the day

This love is still with you,
Like the leaves are with the trees,
Like the sand is with the sandbox,
Like the kite is with the breeze.

It stays beside you always,
through everything you do,
and you might be surprised to know,
this love is with me too

A Little Brighter – Eric N.

Love is an energy
one that surrounds any and everything.
The one that pierces the souls of people
that makes you feel like you can simply float out of trouble
or maybe the courage like you can face the storm,
armed with nothing but a hand to hold.

There’s no need for one special day for it
Feel it in the air everyday
sense it from every heart
and let it fill you with happiness

Feel it swell up inside you
until it’s all you can think of
Then memorize this sensation because
It’s your most precious emotion,
and no one will ever be able to steal it from you

And when you are ready,
please share your love,
It’s a shame to let it hide
because when two hearts are linked together

They produce an energy that leaves the world
Just a little brighter than before.

This is something I found online…wow, just wow. Thanks for commenting!

Our True Path

You’ll soon be in my loving embrace

When I can kiss your radiant face

The one I love and miss the most

We’ll share our love and raise a toast

To the both of us and better days

Ill do my part no more lost ways

A good example I hope to set

A well lit path we wont forget

In our mutual strength I do have faith

So Now there’s no more time to waste

So hand in hand on down life’s road

Only half of our story has been told

I love you true with all my heart

From this true path we must not part

In lieu of Valentine’s Day..even though I’m not feeling it at all

Love –
Is –

The taste of cotton candy
Melting on your tongue
The fragrance of a thousand blossoms
Flowing through your lungs
The popsicle dripping away on a summer’s day
The cup of cocoa before a roaring fireplace
The snowflakes that flutter
Dancing and evanescing
The raindrops that shimmer
Weeping as they dream

The years spent apart
The minutes spent together
The little words exchanged
All the possibilities considered
Those time when they sit
Not knowing what to say
The borrowed glances, stolen peeks
Maybe tomorrow is the day..

Love is waiting
Love is hoping
Love is a language for two
Everything they said
Everything they didn’t say
Love may be autumn leaves
Or it may be newborn bees
Love is spring, summer, fall, winter
All of these rolled together

Love is a potion, an elixir, a witch’s brew
Love befuddles, confuses, flabbergasts you
Love is a thousand swords
Piercing through your heart
Love is a million endless nights
Of counting stars

Love is a secret
Kept by Cupid
One day
He will whisper in your ear
And it will all become lucid


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