I guess it’s over. Officially? There isn’t a seal or stamp of approval or anything of the sort, but at least the dust is settling on the house now, so to speak.

Four years of throats chafed and hoarse from screaming,Β  of slammed doors and shattered windows, of hoping and of disbelieving, of fighting against the chasm that gaped larger and larger by day. A little scary to look back and think of all that’s happened, but it’s all written in the textbooks now; it’s history.

Half of me is dying to explain to everyone why I keep vanishing all this time, and the other half is ready to let it all go and move on, move up.

Stranger still, to hear the words “Your life is just beginning.” Damn, and I’m feeling old and tired and wrinkly already. That better not last long.

Time for…

Well, anything’s possible now.

UBC, here I come : )