A man with black-rimmed glasses sits at a desk, staring at a calendar on the wall morosely. The door opens, and a long-haired girl walks in. The man smiles quickly at the sight of her, they embrace and laugh. Fade.

“One Year Later”


The phone rings. Shot of the lower half of a girl’s face)



Her mouth opens in surprise.

Opening Credits: Departures instrumental by Supercell (First fifty seconds –



Shots of typical airport scenery: suitcases rushing to and fro, ever-changing arrival and departure times, anxious people waiting for friends and loved ones at the gate.


A long-haired girl sits at one end of a bench overlooking a river. She scuffs her shoes against the ground a few times, looks at her watch. The time reads _____. A tall man with black-rimmed glasses walks up to the bench, pauses, sits down on the other end.)


What time is your flight again?


In five hours. There’s plenty of time.


Five hours. They always say to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure time. Figures, that’s how I missed my flight last time.


I’m sure it’ll be fine. I mean, I can even see the airport from here.

They both pause, and stare across the river into the distance, where a plane is taking off.


Well, it IS nice to see you again.


You too, after all this time. I guess I wanted to see what the other side of the country was like. The mountains, the ocean, the greenery. It really is beautiful here.


I’m glad you enjoyed your time here.


 To be honest, I thought I was never going to see you again.

Man glances at her, smiles, edges closer to the centre of the bench. He reaches out a hand, pauses, let it fall. They both look down. Shot of the river flowing past.


So, about…?

Insert Music: My Dearest piano instrumental by Supercell (


I met him a few months ago.


I think he might’ve been watching me, a complete stranger, pass by, picking me out of the crowd.

(Flashback: man sits in Starbucks looking out the window. A frazzled-looking girl reading a brochure walks past. Her iPod falls out of her pocket. The man jumps up, runs outside and grabs the iPod, catches up to her and taps her on the shoulder. The girl turns around, surprised, but looks delighted when she sees her iPod.)

(Camera zooms back to present-day.)


Is that so?

(Flashback: girl sits in food court, alone, picking at food on her tray. Shot of man walking by, carrying a similar tray. He spots the girl, recognition in his eyes, but chooses to sit a few tables away, glancing up occasionally. The girl looks up, spots him, waves and moves to his table.)

(Camera zooms back to present-day.)


Somehow, we made a connection right off the bat. I was telling him all these things I’d never told anyone else before, thoughts I never thought possible to verbalize to another human being.

(Flashback: the man and the girl are taking a walk at dusk. She stumbles as they walk down a flight of stairs, he catches her hand. They walk through a rose garden, he doesn’t let go of her hand. She tiptoes and whispers something to him, he laughs. They walk off into the distance.)

(Flashback: the man and girl are cuddling on a couch together. The girl leans in, smiles and closes her eyes. The man looks content, glances around the room, catches sight of a calendar. His smile fades, and he holds the girl closer.)


(Opening her eyes)

What’s wrong?

Insert Music: Yuki no Hana instrumental by Mika Nakashima (


Nothing. Nothing.

(Shakes his head, smiles forcefully)

You know, this might sound silly, but somehow, even in the world that we live in, I’ve always believed in love at first sight. I’ve ALWAYS believed in the power of true love.

(Exhales, looking relieved)


(Smiles sadly, looks down, sighs.)

Don’t you think you’re a little too old to still believe in fairy tales?

Man looks off into the distance, evidently distraught.

(Camera zooms back to present-day)


(Smiles playfully)

I don’t know, that sounds like a fairy tale to me.


(Closes her eyes)

You know, I never thought the day would come that I’ll admit this, but somehow, even in the world that we live in, at the bottom of my heart, I want so desperately to believe in true love. He showed me that it was all possible.

(Opens her eyes, looks directly at the man)

He grabbed my hand as I was falling, he gave me warmth and comfort when I was hurting the most.

The man looks taken aback. Silence falls between them. They both turn to stare at the river once more.


Do you remember that drawing you made for the exhibition? I wonder whatever happened to it.


(Pauses, thinks)

Oh yeah, that drawing. They probably took it down and threw it away after a while. Too bad I forgot to pick it up before I left. But then, there were a lot of things I forgot to do before I left.


(Looks down)

Well, you did have a flight to catch.

Insert Music: Main Titles from Never Let Me Go (

(Flashback: Girl wrestles large suitcase to a car, glances at her watch, takes out her cell phone, looks out into the distance, pauses, put her phone away, steps into car.)

(Flashback: Man runs up a few flights of stairs and into an apartment, looks around, walks up to a closed door and knocks repeatedly.)


She left an hour ago.

(Flashback: Man looks stunned.)

(Camera zooms back to present-day.)


So, what’s he like?


Well, he’s nice, and caring, and fun to be around, like you. He also loves to play basketball. But he won’t notice it when I’ve gone quiet, when I’ve got things on my mind, and he won’t ever remember every word and detail I’ve said.

(Camera zooms back to reality)


(Pauses, shrugs)

He’s just a nice guy, you know.

(Flashback: Man retraces the steps from the walk he took with the girl. Shot of his hand grasping at air, lone silhouette slowly fading into the distance.)

(Camera zooms back to present-day.)


Well, you know what they say about nice guys. That they always finish last.


No, nice guys don’t finish last, because they don’t stop running.

They smile at each other.


I think I should probably get going now. Thanks for showing me around. Thanks for everything, really. It was nice seeing you again. I’m glad that you’re happy.



Yeah, you too. Any time.

They stand up and embrace, both with wistful expressions on their faces. The man breaks away, takes one last look at the girl and walks quickly away, off camera. The girl stands still for a few seconds, falls back down onto the bench, looking lost.

(Flashback: shot of four people seated around a kitchen table, talking and laughing. The man is among them, quieter than the rest, laughing along only occasionally. One by one, they leave. The girl walks up to the empty table, sits down slowly in the vacant seat taken by the man previously, lays her head down in her arms on the table.)

GIRL (Voiceover)

His steps, fading into the distance once more. If I could only catch up to him, tell him the words that I’ve been holding back since Day One. How generous and caring I think he is. How safe and comfortable his arms felt. How much I wanted to keep holding on, no matter what it took, no matter how far the distance is between us, then, and now. But, as I keep telling myself, we’ve got to let each other go. It was all for the best.

(Camera zooms back to present-day.)


In the distance, a plane takes off into the night. Shot of time on cell phone, exactly five hours from the beginning. The girl walks along the river to where a man is waiting for her. They hold hands and walk off into the distance. Fade.


The man walks out from the airport. His phone rings, he takes it out and stares at the caller ID with an unfathomable expression, then picks up the call.


The man sits at a desk, staring at the girl’s drawing.

GIRL (Voiceover)

See? Someday, you WILL find the true love that you were telling me about. One day, you’ll find a girl even better than me.

Closing Credits: Payphone instrumental cover by Sungha Jung


The man smiles, just as the door opens and a girl walks in. He greets her, they embrace and laugh in the same manner as the beginning. Camera focuses on the drawing in the foreground. Fade to black.