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Okay, shitty things that went down during the last couple of weeks:

1. Had favourite top stolen from PE locker room

2. Had best pencil jacked from PE class

3. That whole insomnia-inducing fiasco on Friday . . .

4. As a result of numero 3, utterly dazed and listless the next day and left chem. notes on bus (alternative ones, not class ones, thank heavens)

5. Malfunctioning debit card. . .another basket of trouble, considering my pathetic little bank account only allows me to extract twenty bucks a day no matter what.

6. The rendevous on Wednesday . . . bitch, you watch yo back.

7. Mozilla Firefox bailed out for the first time ever, laying to rest all my bookmarks (even my comp’s got the swine flu)

What to do:

1. Go down to Fabricana, buy fabric, talk to Ms. W. and reconstruct that top.

2. Ah well. . .just a pencil. . .

3. Well. . .well. . .any suggestions?

4. Call up Translink, head down to Stadium Station and retrieve the notebook (assuming it’s there)

5. Have a little chat with the Royal Bank peeps

6. Ahh! Idon’tknowIdon’tknowIdon’tknow!

7. Fixed!! XDD

Ms. B., please, PLEASE hurry with those chem. tests. . .that may be the lone piece of good news I receive these days. Nnngh!

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