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My nose looks like an undercookedwalle radish. Sans la crunch.

Spent the afternoon gulping down Advil (well…maybe just three) and devouring Sophie’s Choice, which is also just the right size for a pillow if the eyes refuse to cooperate with the brain. Yes, fantastic, out-of-this-world writing can be lewd. Maybe overly so?

Oscars yesterday…best one of the decade, if I may speak. Insanely jealous of Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, and a little bit frightened of Sophia Loren, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Donatella Versace. Must be the Italian blood. Hurrahs for Heath Ledger; that man had the glories piled onto him … posthumously. Funniest moment: spotting Robert Pattinson in the audience. Explained the giangantic clove of garlic Sean Penn was tossing up and down – or was it his balled-up acceptance speech? Wall-E brought back some _____ memories … should have watched that movie back then and not dismissed it as robots dry-humping [=. Oh yes, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, MUST WATCH MUST WATCH. And Vicky Cristina Barcelona. And The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and…

Lesson of the week: satires are not for everyone to attempt.

**New chapter is fresh from the oven and ready for the racks. Thursday does seem light years away ;]

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